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The Customer Retention Report gives you an accurate picture of your silent unsatisfied customers who do not complain. Discovering these customers before they leave your company to a competitor will make you save a lot of money. Ciapple solution does not enable you to discover unsatisfied and risk-to-loose customers but also gives you the opportunity to contact and retain most of your profitable customers.

This predictive knowledge is extracted based on Artificial Intelligence (AI) data analysis.

The format of this report (list of customers) is available if the following format: MS SQL, Excel, or printed. In addition to the list, there will be some related Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that show the retention value -as a result of identifying silent unsatisfying customers and contacting them through your customer care.

This predictive report allows you to:

  • Discover about 60% of the un-complaining customers
  • Retain about 40% of the discovered un-complaining customers
  • Save delayed and inaccurate retention campaigns
  • Monitor customers’ behavior after a campaign
  • Reduce the number of customers lost to competitors
  • Increase customer satisfaction
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