cross selling slide show

Cross-Selling report enables you to design individual targeted promotions based on what similar* customers (*similar in their shopping trend) have bought.

According to the discovered shopping trend of each customer, you will know and predict what could be bought by each of them. Accordingly, you will be able to take the right business decision to increase the spending of these hidden potential buyers and save a lot of money by avoiding non-targeted advertizing campaigns.

A unique clustering data mining (extracting hidden knowledge from data to support decisions making is applied. It allows you to discover potential buyers.

This report is also working as a campaign management system. A unique break-through technology is implemented to avoid non-targeted advertising. Based on high-end analysis, you will make sure the right product and offer is promoted to the right customer.

Our report enables comparative reporting prior and after execution of a given campaign and follow-up with your customers.

Easy and Effective: the report can be delivered in Excel format

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